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For most businesses asking this question, the answer is WHATEVER IT TAKES! The average Employee Retention Credit (ERC) our clients get is between $50K and $750K.  Some are even larger than that.

Think of it this way: if you were to put 100 hours of your time into getting this tax refund, a smaller client’s return on time invested is $500/hour.  For our clients that have an ERC at a million, a 100-hour investment is worth $10,000 an hour.  

What else can your administrative team do to produce that kind of return?  Not much.  

Our clients need to provide payroll reports they already have, often in digital form, and simply email to us (encrypted, of course).  Clients also need to provide us non-payroll reports, PPP Forgiveness details, insurance, information on a shutdown order, and P&L statements to determine if they qualify for ERC.  

Sadly, some potential clients never even take the first step to even ask what they will have to do to help us gather the necessary data.  They are often unaware of how critical and valuable their time is in this process.  

The financial return is worth it!