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Property Tax Appeal

Are you appealing your property taxes?

Do you see a benefit from using one firm to do your property taxes in multiple states?


Disaster Credits

Did you know that there is an Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for employers affected by qualified disasters?  Hurricanes.  Wildfires. Floods. Tornadoes.  And more.

This credit is worth 40% of qualified wages paid to each employee (max credit $2,400 per employee) during a period of time when the business location, which much be in a designated disaster zone (by FEMA), was inoperable due to a qualified disaster in 2018-2020.

Who Qualifies?

If your business was located in an area designated a qualified disaster zone by the President of the United States, you may qualify.

How Do I Get It?

  1. We thoroughly analyze your payroll data.
  2. We review how long your business was impacted by the disaster.
  3. We provide a report that supports your claim for the disaster credit.

Want to find out how much credit you are leaving unclaimed each year?