Meet Jacalyn Miller

Jacalyn Miller

Administrative Coordinator

Jacalyn initially worked part-time at R. Jeffrey Tax Credits while going to cosmetology school to become a licensed cosmetologist. She has an Associate degree in Science from Harper College and recently decided to return to school to study elementary education (with a focus on special education) at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Jacalyn is known for her strong communication skills and positive interactions with clients.  She enjoys being part of a close-knit team to ensure all operations are attended to and is happy to assist her coworkers when needed.

Jacalyn lives in Chicago with her husband, and enjoys yoga, Pilates, Barre, and dance, as well as live entertainment/theatre, singing, and listening to music. She is an avid reader and participates in nature/habitat restoration volunteer days. In addition, Jacalyn has volunteered with community outreach programs to provide free hair/skin/nails services to those in need, including homeless populations, low-income job seekers, and women and children living in domestic abuse shelters.

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