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McDonald's Corporation Worldwide Conference 2022 Attendees

Orlando, Florida / April 4-7


R. Jeffrey can help your McDonald’s franchise with industry leading tax credit expertise.

We have 24 years of tax credit experience.

We give you confidence in your ERC, WOTC and EZ calculations.

“WOTC is such a great program. It helps our employees so much. In every category, it makes their life better, and Jeff and his team at R. Jeffrey & Associates are wonderful to work with.”

Mary Breznay, Owner/Operator



“Jeff & his team process my WOTC and ERC tax credits. I can trust them to keep me up to date and keep me in compliance. I’m happy to pay them their fee to help me get those credits, so that my staff, who are specialists in running McDonald’s restaurants, are not trying to maintain a database on workplace compliance.”

Dorothy Stingley, Owner/Operator

“RJA makes it super easy for us to understand tax credits like ERC and WOTC and was very helpful at every step along the way towards our getting our credits.”

Randy Miller, Owner/Operator



At R. Jeffrey & Associates, we know it takes years of dedication and experience to get the best results when pursuing a tax credit for your business. It takes the same qualities to train for and complete a marathon. Our founder, Jeff Newcorn has been driving his business and his unique marathon goal forward since 1998. He completed a marathon in all 50 states including four Boston Marathon Qualifiers. R. Jeffrey & Associates exemplifies this passion and energy.



Ready to see if our Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) experts can help you obtain up to $26K per employee in tax credits?

Schedule a live consultation with Jeff Newcorn at the McDonald’s Corporation Worldwide Conference 2022